Royal Business Projects operates and manages a land bank of about 350,000 acres of owned and leased lands in diversified geographies across the globe for the farming and cultivation of various human food and animal feed crops. Investments made in farming land in the United States, Europe, and Africa have been characterized by the careful selection of areas enjoying favorable climate conditions, easy access to irrigation water and high fertility soil specifications to guarantee the best possible yields.

As an organization with a focused farming mindset, Royal Business Projects employs experts in the agribusiness sector and technical farming, ensuring alignment across all divisions on the key mandate to:

  • Implement best farming practices and apply modern cultivation and harvesting techniques
  • Invest in the latest farming and irrigation technologies, machineries and equipment
  • Source the highest quality seeds, raw material and agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers)
  • Apply best practices in terms of crop management, seasonal crop rotation and harvesting
  • Support ecological and agricultural sustainability and natural resources’ preservation

In addition to managing its own farming operations, Royal Business Projects has established strong relations with farmers around the world, signing long-term supply agreements with them to buy their crops at fixed prices.

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